We tried Brewski and here’s what we thought

Brewski from Cheers Beverages Inc., a branch of The Double Cola Company, just became available in Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, Gibson and Knox Counties. It can be found at Frontier Liquors, Liquor Locker, and many local restaurants and bars.

Ski is one of the pillars of living on the Westside of Evansville. So naturally, we had to try their new lineup of beers.

There are three flavors available.

There’s the Brewski Classic Pilsner, an All American Pale Ale, and last, but not least, the Ski Infused Ale.

Here are our thoughts…

All together, these three beers are very approachable and drinkable. Beer drinkers with all different palates might like one of these brews.

Classic Pilsner

This might the most drinkable one of the bunch. We thought it was the creation of someone pouring half a domestic in a pint glass and then topping the rest off with a mild IPA. If you’re thinking, “that’s gross,” just try it. We liked it.

brewski beer

All American Pale Ale

This is the darkest and the hoppiest of the three. If you’re just starting to try more IPA-like beers, this one might be for you. And even though we think its the hoppiest, we still think this is a very drinkable beer! Not too heavy, just right.

brewski beer


Ski Infused Ale

Although we thought it might have a sweeter finish, we still thought it resembled a nice summer shandy to enjoy on a warm day. We were surprised to taste the slight hoppy finish at the end of this gulp. We wanted it to be sweeter – like expectation you have when drinking Ski that it is going to be sweet. We still give this beer a thumbs up.

Brewski beer