Try This Slice: The Rooftop

Pizza Hack: Add a glass of water when you microwave pizza to avoid a soggy crust.

The sky is the limit for The Rooftop.*

*Not liable for anything that may happen as a result of laughter caused by our great dad jokes.

If you’re not a fan of thin or cracker crust, give The Rooftop a try!

Here are our takeaways…

  1. Not thin, not thick, husky crust. This crust had a soft, doughy texture. And for some on the Try This Slice team, it was really good.
  2. Sauce sweet, oh wait, was it? Some thought the crust was sweet and some didn’t get that flavor. Either way, it was tasty. One thing is for sure, though. We appreciate a pizzeria that puts ample amounts of sauce on their pizza.
  3. King Cheese once again stole the show for this episode of Try This Slice. Is there anything better than melted cheese? We’ll let you think about that, but the answer is no.

As always, this is just our opinion. We urge you to take on the Try This Slice quest and try these pizzas for yourself!

Average score:


















Remember the Try This Slice rules?

  • We only order from local pizzerias in the Tri-State.
  • We only order cheese pizzas to be able to accurately compare testing samples.
  • We rate each pizza out of ten slices.