Try This Slice: Sportsden Bar & Grill

Pizza hack: Use the seat warmer to keep your pizza pie warm on the way home.

Sportsden Bar & Grill, welcome to the show. We like what you have to offer.

Have you ever had Sportsden Bar and Grill pizza? Check out the episode above of Try This Slice and find out if you want to try!

Remember the Try This Slice rules?

  • We only order from local pizzerias in the Tri-State.
  • We only order cheese pizzas to be able to accurately compare testing samples.
  • We rate each pizza out of ten slices.

Here are our takeaways…

  1. If there was ever a thing called diet pizza, this would be it. The crust was very thin, but we liked it! Perhaps calling it diet pizza does not equate to a ringing endorsement, but don’t look at it that way. We just meant the crust was thin!
  2. Greasey, cheesy pizza. YUM! This pizza had a special grease sheen that we like. King cheese always wins our hearts out of the three basic pizza ingredients of cheese, sauce, and crust.
  3. The sauce was not overpowering the other flavors and paired well with its counterparts. We could see the spices mixed into the sauce and that’s always a win in our book.

As always, this is just our opinion. We urge you to take on the Try This Slice quest and try these pizzas for yourself!

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