Try This Slice: Rounders

Try This Slice: Testing pizza for the good of the people

The River City Weekend team is back at it again eating pizza on their quest to find the best in the Tri-State.

Remember the rules?

  • We only order from local pizzerias in the Tri-State.
  • We only order cheese pizzas to be able to accurately compare testing samples.
  • We rate each pizza out of ten slices.

This week Try This Slice tries Rounders.

Here are our takeaways…

  1. This pizza had cheese presented at its finest. There was some burnt cheese… Some gooey spots… YUM.
  2. This pizza was like GREASED LIGHTENING. Or in other words, it was literally dripping in grease.
  3. The crust was compared to communion wafers. Take what you want from that.












This is just our tastebuds’ opinions. Try them out for yourself!