Try This Slice: Pizza King

Zombie Pizza?

On this edition of Try This Slice the River City Weekend team tries Pizza King.

It was stated multiple times that Pizza King has a great stromboli. They have a special stromi-goodness that everyone loves. 

And as for the pizza… well, we’ll just let this episode speak for itself.

Remember the Try This Slice rules?

  • We only order from local pizzerias in the Tri-State.*
  • We only order cheese pizzas to be able to accurately compare testing samples.
  • We rate each pizza out of ten slices.

*Yes, Pizza King is not local to Evansville or Newburgh. We tried this pizza spot because it holds the love of the people right here in the Tri-State.

Here are our takeaways…

  1. This Pizza did not look appetizing. There was a hole in the middle and we said that it looked like the face of a zombie.
  2. More sauce, please! We’re not sure if we can accurately judge the sauce of the pizza because there was not enough!
  3. The crust was crunchy but lacked any notable flavor.

Average Score:

Pizza King

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