Try This Slice: Pizza Depot

Pizza Hack: When ordering from big name pizza restaurants, search the web for a promo code before ordering online!

This perfectly round pizza pie hails from Pizza Depot! Welcome to the show.

Here are our takeaways…

  1. Two words: pizza gusher. Yes, this pizza was spilling with sauce and we loved it. You can always squirt extra sauce off a slice, but you can’t magically add more on it there is not enough from the start! This sauce is packed with great flavors of tomatoes with the perfect hint of salt.
  2. This cheese was most definitely bubbling in the oven. We loved the cheese on this pizza. It was strong enough to stand out from the great sauce.
  3. The crust. We suspect this is a pre-made crust because it was a seemingly perfect circle and it had the thickness was constant throughout. Either way, it did taste good!

As always, this is just our opinion. We urge you to take on the Try This Slice quest and try this pizza for yourself!

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