Try This Slice: Mister B’s Pizza & Wings

Pizza time!

This week the team tries Mister B’s Pizza & Wings in Henderson, KY.

Remember the Try This Slice rules?

  • We only order from local pizzerias in the Tri-State.
  • We only order cheese pizzas to be able to accurately compare testing samples.
  • We rate each pizza out of ten slices.

Here are our takeaways…

  1. Grit. Normally a great virtue when speaking about a courageous person. However, when talking about cheese that’s on a pizza, the word’s other definition comes into play. Which is “small loose particles” according to Google. And ‘grit’ is not something we like our cheese pizza to have, but it did. It was a faint, but noticeable texture that was not pleasurable. Looking past that, the cheese did have a salty flavor!
  2. The sauce on this pizza was tastefully tomato-y that leaned more towards being savory than sweet. We can appreciate this sauce!
  3. We get so excited to see the Tri-State produce a non-thin crust pizza. If we could bonus points for this, we would. This crust was most definitely hand tossed. It was cooked completely, but we all agreed it seemed a bit doughy and could use a few more minutes in the oven.

As always, this is just our opinion. We urge you to take on the Try This Slice quest and try these pizzas for yourself!

Average score: