This bar and grill made a popular Fall Festival food a menu staple and we can’t get enough

We're drooling.

Ever heard of a BBQ Sundae?

Every October crowds flock to Evansville’s west side for the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival‘s vast lineup of food vendors.

Popular foods always emerge at the festival like the pronto pup, brain sandwich, and the pulled pork parfait – which happens to be my favorite fall festival food.

And the best thing has happened. I don’t have to wait for the Fall Festival to get my pulled pork parfait fix. Bud’s Bar and Grill has added a bigger version to their menu as a permanent menu item.

They call it the BBQ Sundae.

It’s huge and it has layers of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, baked beans, BBQ sauce, pulled pork piled in a fishbowl, or schooner. They even add a cherry tomato to complete the ‘sundae’ effect.

If you’re the kind of person that prefers the food on their plate to remain separate and eat each item alone. This is not for you. If you like to mountain your food on your plate, this is for you.

And if you go get one for yourself, I recommend you go hungry and prepare to leave waddling.

Check it out for yourself. CLICK HERE for the latest updates from Bud’s Bar and Grill.

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