These acrobatic bunnies do handstands and walk on their front paws

These acrobatic bunnies have been baffling us for years with their handstands.

These French bunnies, called sauteur d’Alfort (meaning Alfort jumping rabbits), walk on their front paws thanks to a genetic mutation that was recently discovered.

According to the researchers that posted in the scientific journal PLOS Genetics, these rabbits don’t do handstands for fun. They have to throw their behinds in the air and inch forward on their front paws due to a genetic mutation.

The researchers found the mutation in a gene called RORB and it’s an important factor for coordinating limbs. The mutation of this gene doesn’t allow for two-footed hops! Apparently, this mutation is a very rare case because this single gene causes such a stark effect. And it doesn’t seem to hurt the rabbits at all.

Michael Marshall wrote in NewsScientist that these bunnies learn to compensate for their inability to hop two-footed after the first few months of life.

How adorable?!

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