The Perge: Evansville’s first rage room opens this weekend

The first Evansville rage room is now open and we’re all for it!

The Perge Rage Room at Evansville Escape is now open for your therapeutic, constructive destruction. Imagine having a safe space to relieve stress, unleash, and let go of everything bothering you by smashing, bashing, destroying random everyday items? There’s really no better feeling.

They provide the stuff you get to break, protective gear, and all the tools you’ll need to rage including baseball bats, a sledgehammer, 2×4, handheld mallet, or a golf club. Ragers can also bring one item from home to destroy if they want excluding any dangerous items like CRT TVs/monitors, cooling devices, light bulbs, pressurized cans and more. They even offer picture frames for purchase should you choose to bring a photo of an ex, old boss… you get the idea.

And the best part? There’s absolutely no cleanup.

Just be sure to wear closed-toed shoes.

Brian Bennett, the owner of Evansville Escape, named the room ‘The Perge Rage Room’ to embrace the concept of consequence-free destruction from the popular ‘The Purge’ film series.

Check out The Perge Rage Room for yourself.

Come for some time all to your self or bring some friends. You can book the room for $25 per person for a 15-minute session. While you’re there you might try your hand at the 4 escape rooms that challenge guests to solve puzzles, find clues, and crack codes to ‘escape’.

To learn more about Evansville Escape or book your rage session, click here!

If you’re closer to Owensboro, KY, there’s a rage room there, too. Check it out, here.

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