The story of The Grey Lady, Willard Public Library’s ghost

The Grey Lady waits until she gets what is owed.

Due to the virus, Willard Library in Evansville, IN won’t be hosting Grey Lady Ghost Tours this year.

You can still get your ghost story fix in, though. Just check out the video above, but first, we recommend setting the mood. Grab a flashlight and turn the lights out or if you can, sit around a campfire.

The Grey Lady

The Willard Library has been serving the community since 1885, but its vast collection of books is not the only reason for visitors to come.

They also flock to the library to meet Willard Library’s friendly ghost, the Grey Lady.

The Grey Lady is thought to be Louise Carpenter, the daughter of the founder of the library, Willard Carpenter. When Willard Carpenter passed away, he left the entirety of his estate to his businesses and the library. Louise Carpenter sued the library board for what she thought was hers, claiming that her father was not in a sound state of mind when he wrote his last will and testament.

Louise Carpenter lost the case.

Now she is believed to haunt the library until she gets what is owed.

Grey Lady

The first sighting

The first Grey Lady sighting was reported in the basement of the Willard Library in 1937 by a library custodian.

“A maintenance worker came in the middle of the night. There was a big furnace and he was there to stoke the furnace,” said Adult Services Librarian, Arrika Dedmond.

The worker put his light down and as he picked it back up there was a woman standing in front of him.

“He reported that she was wearing a long grey dress and a veil over her face. He was supposed to be the only person in the building, so he said something to her and she disappeared around the corner.”

The custodian is the only known library employee to quit because of the Grey Lady.

Grey Lady’s hot spots

The Grey Lady is known to haunt specific rooms at the library.

“There are three levels to the library. She’s been seen upstairs in our local history department quite a bit. She’s also been seen downstairs in the children’s department and in the hallways downstairs. The children’s department is considered the most haunted spot in the building; especially the story pit area.”

Multiple paranormal groups have confirmed there is an “electromagnetic something” going on in the children’s department story pit.

And if the Grey Lady happens to grace you with her presence, you may feel some of the following unexplained occurrences:

  • smell of perfume
  • feeling of cold
  • noises
  • books and furniture found moved
  • the feeling of touch on hair or earrings
  • odd items found in the library
  • water turned on or off


Willard Library has placed cameras on all levels of the library, particularly aimed towards the Grey Lady’s hot spots. The cameras are on 24/7 to keep an eye out for the veiled woman.

Click here to view the GhostCams.

If she decides to make an appearance, be sure to snag a photo by clicking on the video feed!