The Dork Side of the Tri-State: Spoil your inner geek at these stores

Whether it’s finding that elusive comic book, exploring a whole new world through tabletop gaming, or rediscovering that retro action figure that brought you so much joy back in the day, the Tri-State has a plethora of unique shops ready to cater to your inner geek.

Did your favorite comic book, hobby, or game shop make the list?

Image Courtesy: Atmosphere Collectibles

Atmosphere Collectibles

If your formative years were spent playing with He-Man and first-generation Transformers, you’ll feel right at home at Atmosphere Collectibles. All your favorite toys from the 80’s and 90’s line the walls along with a varied selection of old school video games and consoles.

We can only imagine that the shop’s namesake is derived from the store’s perfectly curated soundtrack, pulled directly from their large selection of vinyl.


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Image Courtesy: Big Bang

Big Bang Toys Comics & Games

Big Bang? This place is a pop culture supernova!

With so many comics, toys, collectibles, and games of all types, this shop has an energy all its own. Do your nerdy obsessions go beyond the normal and into the niche? We’re willing to bet this shop will have something you can’t live without.

Being a true nerd nirvana, Big Bang will feed whatever your inner geek craves.


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Image Courtesy: Comic Quest

Comic Quest

If it’s comics you seek, Comic Quest is the destination.

Not only will you find a wide selection of new releases each week, but this shop also offers one of the largest collections of back issues in the Tri-State. Peruse the stacks upon stacks of hardcover collections and paperback trades.

If you’re a tabletop gamer looking to hone your skills, Comic Quest has a massive gaming selection that rivals their book inventory. And, whether it’s Dungeon & Dragons, or Pokemon, there’s an event going down nearly every night of the week.


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Image Courtesy: Knight's Comics & Games

Knight's Comics & Games

Whether you’re new to role-playing games or consider yourself a veteran, Knight’s Comics & Games has what you need to up your game.

Looking for a friendly yet challenging game of Pathfinder, Warhammer, Magic, or Heroclix? There’s a game going down nearly every night of the week. Adventures await at Knight’s in Henderson!


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Image Courtesy: Secret Headquarters

Secret Headquarters

The secret is out! This is place has it all. New and old comics, hundreds of action figures, statues, and retro video games. What sets Secret Headquarters apart, though, is the arcade – an entire portion of the

building dedicated to retro arcade cabinets and pinball machines. Come for the comics, stay for the Donkey Kong, and leave with that Battle Armor Skeletor you’ve wanted since you were a kid. There’s something here for everyone!


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Image Courtesy: Gaming Guild

The Gaming Guild

There is some serious gaming going down at The Gaming Guild. If Pathfinder, Warhammer, and X-Wing get your twenty-sided dice rattling then you already know this shop is an essential resource for all things gaming. They specialize in RPG, tabletop and board games have it all.

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid player, there’s something for every age and skill level. Not sure if gaming is your thing? Swing by for a demo or catch a game already in progress.


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Image Courtesy: The Geek Boom

The Geek BOOM

Every college town needs a sweet comic and gaming shop, right? Well, the Geek Boom fills that role perfectly in Vincennes.

New comics every Wednesday and gaming events, like Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh, throughout the week. Trades, Funko Pop!s, Vinimates, statues and other collectibles round out this fun and friendly shop.


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Image Courtesy: Ultimate Games & Comics

Ultimate Games & Comics

Located in historic Hanson, Kentucky (just a stone’s throw from Madisonville) Ultimate Games & Comics is the area’s premier location for gamers looking to expand their decks.

Hang out and play a little (or a lot) of your favorite tabletop games like Magic, D&D or X-Wing. Grab some new comics or peruse the boxes of back issues.


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Image Courtesy: Comics Unlimited

Diamond Flea Market

Talk about finding a diamond in the rough, this flea market is only open on the weekends and is a must-see for toy and comic book lovers. There are two booths you need to see!

  • Longtime collectors in the Tri-State may remember Comics Unlimited on Diamond Avenue before it closed in 2014. Well, Comics Unlimited never really disappeared, owner Mathew Hawes just relocated down the street to the flea market.
  • Right around the corner from Comics Unlimited sits a huge area absolutely jam-packed with action figures of all types. You’ll find everything from classic Star Wars to modern wrestlers to superheroes galore at the Evansville Toys and Games booth. Whether it’s loose figures, items in original packaging, obscure playsets, or nostalgia-inducing old school games, they have it all. These two vendors alone are more than enough stop in.


Image Courtesy: Book Broker

Book Broker

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s more to The Book Broker than just books. A lot more.

If the thousands of used books don’t excite you, maybe the thousands of used CDs, DVDs, and video games will get your blood flowing. Love comics? They carry them. Love toys, sports collectibles, and action figures? The Book Broker’s got those too. Looking for a particularly hard to find back issue? It could be hiding in The Book Broker’s massive secret vault which isn’t open to the public.

Plus, there’s always room for new players in their table-top and role-playing game room.


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