Calling all history buffs: Owensboro’s Voices of Elmwood is a go for 2020

Meet the people Owensboro's past!

Meet the people Owensboro’s past at the Voices of Elmwood!

Each year, the Owensboro Museum of Science and History picks ten people from 1800s that are buried in Elmwood Cemetery (or cemeteries nearby) to feature at the event, the Voices of Elmwood. They start in January and spend most of the year researching, making costumes, and perfecting their roles to portray the lives of people buried in the cemetery. The outcome is not a scary Halloween event, but an evening of great performances and history that will wrap you up and take you back in time. Voices of Elmwood is designed to honor the heritage and celebrate the history of that area.

Think of it as 10 different plays that all take place in Elmwood Cemetery. The scripts are funny, sad, and as historically accurate as possible!

Normally, you would be able to hop on a wagon and take a ride through Elmwood Cemetary in Owensboro, KY to see these performances. Due to the virus, this year they will be only offering tent performances (where guests will be socially distanced) and online live streams of the performances.

And although there will not be any wagon rides, this year might be the best yet. Organizers said that they will be bringing back some of the best stories and people of Owensboro’s past. So if you’ve missed previous Voices of Elmwood performances, this year you’ll hear some of the best stories told!

William and Mildred Summers Lucas, portrayed by Grey Hurt and Debbie Reynolds in 2008.We are so pleased to announce…

Posted by Owensboro Museum of Science and History on Friday, September 4, 2020

The video above was of last year’s event in 2019. The organizers of the event featured in the video spoke to us about how this program connects the people of Owensboro’s past to its present. Its really cool- the event has even connected family members to their ancestors that were found buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

And even though it is not a Halloween event and it is set in the Fall. It most definitely an event you don’t want to miss!