Stop what you’re doing and try this pickle taco

Have you ever heard of a pickle taco? Those are two words that we never thought we would see on a menu and here we are, absolutely delighted. Pickle tacos are on the menu at Ghost Quesadilla on Bell Rd. in Newburgh, Indiana.

We tried them and if you love pickles, you should too.

Pickle Taco from Ghost Quesadilla.

We knew we had to try it. It was made fresh to order, juicy, and just as crunchy as every good pickle should be.

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The pickle taco has no tortilla. Its a large, hallowed out kosher pickle that is filled with cream cheese, Miller’s Smoked Pork BBQ, and topped with jalapenos.

If you know local BBQ, you also know that the Miller’s Smoked Pork BBQ was great. We recommend giving this item a try. They’re listed for just $3 on the Ghost Quesadilla menu.

They also have some other great things on their menu. They offer quesadillas, burritos, and rice bowels, too.

Posted by Ghost Quesadilla on Saturday, June 27, 2020

When we saw the Jalapeno Popper Tacos on the menu, we had to put in an order of those as well.

Those three soft shell tacos each had a jalapeno popper in the tortilla that was filled with bacon, Millers Smoked pork, and some chopped onions on top.

We give them both two thumbs up.

Check out the other great things on their menu, here.

Jalapeno Popper Taco from Ghost Quesadilla.