Spring Fever: 6 reasons to get excited for springtime

The clocks have moved forward… The weather is changing… Spring is near and spring fever has us all.

The first official day of spring is March 20th. Are you still feeling the effects of a dreary winter? Here are a few reasons you should be getting pumped up for the new season.

Longer Days

After making it through a cold, dark winter, there is nothing like the long days of spring. You have probably already noticed that there is still some daylight left when you get home from work. It’s time to come out of your winter hibernation and use that extra sunshine to be productive or simply just get out and enjoy it!

Warmer Weather

Open the windows!

Who doesn’t love when the warmer weather starts (and stays) in the Tri-State? Once it warms up, you can finally pump gas or walk your dog without shivering. It’s the little things, right?

And remember, this is the Midwest, the scorching temperatures of summer will be here before you know it. So, enjoy the mild temps while they last!

Spring Break

Whether you’re a college student escaping the stress of class or a family needing to spend some quality time together, everyone can benefit from spring break. It’s the perfect opportunity to get away or just simply take time to relax and refresh.


Nature Reborn

When the greenery returns and the flowers bloom, you’ll likely notice a boost in everyone’s mood. Being outside or driving down the road is going to be much more enjoyable!

Spring Wardrobe

You won’t only notice the scenery getting brighter. You’ll see it on clothing, too. Get ready to put away those winter clothes and break out your spring wardrobe. What better excuse to go shopping?

Outdoor Activities

Drive-in movies, farmers markets, festivals, sports, barbecues… The outdoor activities in the Tri-State are endless, and they are just getting started in the spring.


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