Restaurants and fast food chains open on New Year’s Day in case you need the post-party pick-me-up

Figuring out restaurant’s holiday hours can be tough. Whether you’re recovering from a night of celebrating or you’re up early on the go, a person’s still got to eat! So, we’ve pulled together a list of restaurants and fast food chains open on New Year’s Day.

Of course, we recommend that you call your favorite location to double check their holiday hours. Hours could vary for different locations. It never hurts to just call ahead. And, while you’re on the phone and they’re open, you might as well place an order to pick up.

So, if you need the grease after a long NYE night or a quick snack for your Wednesday routine, here is a list of restaurants and fast food chains open on New Year’s Day:

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

Gosh, wings sound so good right now… Wings sound good all the time! And convenience is key here because this wing spot offers online ordering and pick-up. Check for your closet location here.

2. Chick-fil-A

New Year’s Day falls on a Wednesday, not a Sunday. So, chances are you can get a chicken sandwich and waffles fries when you need it most. Check locations here.

3. Chili’s Bar & Grill

If you haven’t tried Chili’s new delivery system, then this might be the day. Otherwise, curbside pick-up sounds pretty nice, too. Call to check your favorite location’s hours here.

4. Waffle House

They aren’t kidding: open 24/7. Waffles, eggs and hash browns are my go-to foods on a lazy day, so Waffle House fits those breakfast needs nicely. Check for your nearest location.

5. Cracker Barrel

All-day breakfast is hard to beat. On Wednesday, Cracker Barrel is open 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Check with the location closest to you to make sure they are still serving up scrambled eggs on New Year’s Day.

6. KFC

Not feeling too well? Nothing a bucket of fried chicken can’t fix to make you feel better. Find the most convenient location for you here.

7. Sonic

Ice cream is my weakness, but a corn-dog on a stick just sounds so easy to snack on. Whatever you decide, Sonic’s drive in has you covered. Check locations and hours here.

8. Starbucks 

Must. Have. Coffee. Sometimes you just don’t feel like making your own coffee in the morning. And sometimes you just REALLY need the caffeine to jump start your day. On New Year’s Day, stop by a Starbucks drive-though.

9. Panda Express

Get a bowl of orange chicken and rice on New Year’s Day. Panda Express will likely be open during regular hours. Check out locations.

10. Panera

If it’s chilly on New Year’s day, then soup sounds fantastic. And if you’re trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution, maybe a salad is a better option than a mac and cheese bread bowl. Find a location closest to you. 

11. Krispy Kreme

Replace your warm pillow with a hot glazed donut. Both are so comforting and hard to leave behind on a lazy morning. See where to find a boxed dozen here.

12. Olive Garden

Soup, salad and bread sticks all in one place when you just don’t feel like making lunch on New Year’s day. Find it here.

13. Taco Bell

These guys are always open. Get a taco because sometimes that’s the only thing that fixes a headache. Drive through at these spots.

14. Domino’s

You don’t even have to leave the house for this one. Call the store or order online and have a pizza delivered right to your couch.

15. Texas Roadhouse

Many Texas Roadhouse locations will be open on New Year’s day. Snack on a handful of peanuts at your nearest location.

Yes, I know that some or all of the menu items at these restaurants might go against your New Year’s resolutions. But pick your battles, you know. If you need to carb load with waffles and hash browns on New Year’s morning, then skip the ice cream for the next couple of nights.

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