Pringles launches Rick and Morty inspired ‘Pickle Rick’ flavored chips and it’s kind of a big dill

Pickle Rick from Adult Swim’s award-winning series returns in the form of… Pringles? The chip brand teams up with Adult Swim to launch your favorite thin and stackable chips in a Pickle Rick Pringles flavor!

Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Now, these chips aren’t simply pickle-flavored. They are a flavor of their very own to pay homage to the show’s popular episode “Pickle Rick,” where the main character and mad scientist Rick transforms himself into a pickle. The popularity of this episode is so contagious that we’ve seen Pickle Rick flavored foods before, like this cereal. But, again, we were in the dark of how the snack actually tasted.

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Pringles launches the special edition, collectible Pickle Rick flavor just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. According to a press release, these crisps hit shelves coast to coast timed around the Big Game, but only in our universe. Also, I’m glad we clarified which universe the chips are arriving in because with Rick, you never really know.

But in true Super Bowl style, there should be some grand commercial unveiling the product, right? Adult Swim and Pringles are already ahead of you on that.

Rick and Morty creators are making a hilarious thirty-second spot to air in the game’s second quarter.

Jill King, senior vice president, marketing and partnerships of Adult Swim said that there may be more in store for the Pringles-Rick and Morty partnership.

“We’re extending this partnership in really exciting ways, all year long,” said King. “Rick and Morty fans are going to be given amazing new opportunities to illustrate their love for this iconic show, thanks to Pringles.”

Pick up Pringles Pickle Rick crisps in the snack aisle at grocery stores nationwide beginning in early February.