Owensboro Native to compete on NBC’s Weakest Link

You are the Weakest Link!

Coming up this Monday, Oct. 19, Owensboro native, Mark Gaddis, will compete on the Weakest Link.

The Weakest Link is back with new host Jane Lynch.

The show starts with eight strangers and forces them to work together to earn the maximum amount of prize money each round. Contestants take turns answering general trivia questions to build ‘chains’ of correct answers. As they answer correctly the value of the chain increases, and as they answer incorrectly, the chain breaks forcing contestants to start over with the smallest amount of money. Then at the end of each round contestants will vote out one of their fellow contestants that they consider being the ‘Weakest Link’.

You can catch the episode Monday night 10/9c on channel 14.

You'd think they would bank more money with all those brains. 🤔

Posted by Weakest Link on Tuesday, October 13, 2020