O.Z. Tyler joins Bourbon Trail

Dozens toasted to the start of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Owensboro at O.Z. Tyler, and there really is a lot to celebrate.

The bourbon trail brings in over a million people to Kentucky each year, which means tourism in Owensboro is expected to boom.

“I honestly think that the bourbon trail with O.Z. Tyler being on it now will be one of the biggest tourist booms that we’ve every seen for a single attraction,” Dave Kirk, with Visit Owensboro, said.

And not only that, O.Z. Tyler is the western most distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

“If you want to complete the trail, you’ve got to come to Owensboro and you’re probably going to spend more time here because you’re making that long drive,” Kirk said. “So what we’re going with is start here, end here, stay here in Owensboro.”

But for those at O.Z. Tyler, they felt a push from the community to attract tourists.

“The city and the people in Owensboro really kind of demanded that we did tourism and did tours here,” Jacob Call, Master Distiller and Operations Manager at O.Z. Tyler said. “We really weren’t expecting it, but the demand sort of forced us to go all in on the bourbon trail.”

But at the end of the day, that means O.Z. Tyler is seen as a big dog in the bourbon business, bringing lots of tourism cash right here to Western Kentucky.

“Now that they’re on that trail they’re going to be able to connect with all those other huge distilleries,” Kirk said. “Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve, O.Z. Tyler is now in that conversation.”