New donut spot in Evansville offers up fresh, hot firecakes, and local coffee

Try The Milk Barn Cafe!

If you love all things donuts, here is a new local spot to try… The Milk Barn Cafe!

It’s a new donut spot operated by the Rainey family with Jeremiah Raney at the helm. Their dream is to create a yummy spot for donuts to fill the donut void on the north side.

They offer fresh, hot fire cakes.

But what the heck is a firecake?

Siblings Jeremiah Rainey and Grace Rainey (two of triplets!) explain it in the video above.  Basically, it’s a fried cake donut, but theirs is served hot and fresh with ooey, gooey toppings.

The three triplets all help, but Jeremiah is the man in charge as his siblings return to school in the fall. They opened back on National Donut Day and sold out their entire stock on the first day. And it’s no wonder. These things look so good.

Their menu has 12 different flavors, plus The Milk Barn offers a Firecake of the Week flavor. This week, with school starting, the flavor of the week is peanut butter with a strawberry drizzle. It’s in the photo above.

The regular menu has…

  • Blue Cow – Blueberry icing
  • Oreo – Vanilla icing coated with Oreo crumbles and a chocolate drizzle
  • Duke – Chocolate icing sprinkled with chopped nuts and caramel drizzle
  • Rosie – Strawberry icing with marshmallow drizzle
  • Violet – Blueberry icing coated with powdered sugar and raspberry glaze
  • Maisie – Vanilla icing topped with Fruity Pebbles
  • Lulu – Chocolate Icing with Sprinkles
  • Winne the Moo – Cinnamon Sugar with Honey
  • Oink – Maple icing topped with bacon bits
  • Sugar – Coated with cinnamon and sugar
  • Cowboy – Chocolate icing coated in crumbled graham crackers & marshmallow drizzle

They also offer a lineup of coffee beverages from a local coffee roaster as well as iced tea and lemonade.

They’re located off 41 on 13988 Old State Rd in Evansville and open Tuesday through Saturday from 6-11 am.

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