Here’s why Indy 500 winners drink milk after the big win

Congratulations! Here's some milk.

Milk is no drink for sissies!

For Indy 500 drivers, they would love to be handed a tall glass of milk. That’s because Indy 500 winners drink milk. It’s a tradition.

It’s been that way for Indy 500 winners since Louis Meyer drank buttermilk after winning the 1936 race.

But how did the celebratory glass of milk tradition start?

Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Meyer regularly drank buttermilk because his mother told him that it would cool him off on a hot day. After the news ran a photo of the driver with a glass of buttermilk in his hand, leaders in the milk industry used that moment as a way to show kids milk was not for sissies.

From then on the milk industry made certain each Indy 500 winner drank milk in Victory Lane.