Mesker Park Zoo welcomes Mexican Wolf pups!

Mexican Wolves are an endangered species!

Mesker Park Zoo‘s Mexican Wolves had a litter of 5 wolf pups!

The species is extremely endangered and has less than 200 wolves in total according to Mesker Park Zoo director, Eric Beck. That includes all the Mexican Wolves in the wild and at zoos and sanctuaries.

As part of the zoo’s conservation efforts, three of the strongest pups were re-introduced into the wild just after birth.

The zoo worked with another conversation group to pair the pups with a wild mother that had recently had a litter of her own. The wild mother will raise them as her own!

Lots of hiking, timing, and preparation happened to make sure the wild mother would successfully cross-foster the zoo pups.

The remaining two pups will be raised with their mother at Mesker Park Zoo.

If you go to the Mexican Wolf exhibit, you may just see the pups running around with their mother! You might catch the mother running around with a pup in her mouth.

Beck said in a couple of weeks you might see the pups trailing their mom!

The zoo is very hands-off with the pups. The mother has nest boxes, areas out outside of the exhibit for her and the pups, but other than that, the zoo will be monitoring from a distance.

“We do a lot of remote monitoring and just let them be wolves,” Beck said.

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