Lollys Pop Bar: Cool off this summer with these artisan ice pops

Lollys Pop Bar: All natural, all delicious

There might not be anything more satisfying than eating an ice-cold popsicle on a hot, muggy day.

Have you had an ice pop with real fruit or real cookies chunks? Lollys Pops offers all-natural ice pops that are made with just a hand full of ingredients. You can actually read and know all the ingredients in these pops. That makes them a healthier sweet treat in the summer. They like to use locally grown produce, too.

Fresh Local Watermelon and Hibiscus pops! Watermelons are from Reimann Farm in Darmstadt and the Hibiscus gives a little color and some acid notes.

Posted by Lollys Pops on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Keep an eye out for the Lollys Pop Bar truck at events or set up at popular spots around the Tri-State. You can also get one of their pops at local shops in and around the River City.

If you do find the truck, be sure to ask about all the pops in their coolers. The cookies and cream pop isn’t always listed on their menu because it sells out so quickly! Luckily they have that pop on the menu at all times, but maybe you’ll stumble across another amazing secret pop flavor. Can’t hurt to ask.

We are particularly fond of the Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberries and cream, and the Old School Chocolate Pudding Pop flavors.

Find Lollys Pops at these locations…

Find Lollys Pops is often at these events…

  • Farm 57 Wednesday night Food Truck Nights
  • Franklin St. Bazaar
  • Newburgh Farmers Market

And finally, if you love them that much, you can pre-order your very own batch of these yummy pops to take home and enjoy whenever you please.