Kick back, relax, and get well at Evansville’s first hydration bar

Time to get hydrated!

Evansville joined the ranks of bigger cities with a brand new hydration bar. IV Therapy Solutions opened in December 2019 and offers IV bags and vitamin shots that work to better your overall wellness.

Todd Veeck who is in charge of media relations at IV Therapy Solutions said its a way to get higher doses of vitamins and minerals to your body than traditional vitamins that are taken orally. That’s because all that goodness is going straight to your bloodstream and bypassing the digestive system where the vitamins get lost in the process.

This hydration bar idea is already in bigger cities and some of them are even mobile making their clients’ experience even better. For now, Evansville’s only hydration bar will remain at their current location at 206 N First Ave, Evansville, IN.

Hydration bar

Their IV bags and shots have a range of benefits including hydration, athletic performance, skin brightening, hangover detox (!), migraine relief, immunity-boosting, anti-aging, and more. Their end goal really is about wellness. The one you might already know of is the Myers Cocktail that was developed in the 70s by Dr. John Myers.

And yes, that’s right. IV Therapy Solutions has a hangover solution. Todd said that in just 30 minutes, you could start the feel the hydration you would feel from drinking water for 4 hours. Although the hangover bag is a blessing, it is still important to drink responsibly.

And if you go, rest assured knowing that the space is clean and the IV bags and shots are administered by a registered nurse. Expect to be there for about 30-45 minutes. You just have to brave the needle!

A vitamin shot starts at $25 and the IV bags can range from $60-$125 per bag. Watch the video to hear one testimonial from an IV Therapy Solutions client that routinely visits the hydration bar. Todd also volunteers to get stuck with a needle about once a week. He said the IV bags have kept bettered his over wellness and given him more energy.

Click here to learn more about IV Therapy Solutions Evansville.

Posted by IV Therapy Solutions on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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