Guava butter? New cafe in Princeton offers authentic Puerto Rican cuisine

Want to try some authentic Puerto Rican food? Head to the new White Rabbit Cafe in Princeton, IN.

White Rabbit Cafe is currently operating with a limited menu. However, you can get your coffee fix and try things like guava butter.

Guava butter? Yes, guava butter.

It’s like strawberry butter, but tangy and made with guava fruit!

Guava fruit

Enjoy it with toast and a hot coffee!

They have a full coffee menu available, too, with espresso shots, americanos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, mocha lattes and more that are all made with coffee roasted by Evansville Coffee Company.

Owners Nitza Miranda and Danny Rivera plan to expand the menu after their equipment arrives in a couple of months. Soon you’ll be able to find food in Princeton, IN that is just like what you would find in South Beach, Miami. Expect to see menu items like Cuban sandwiches and Puerto Rican chicken and rice and more!

Nizta said they’ve always had the dream of opening a food truck serving the authentic Puerto Rican food that they love so much. While working in local factories to save money for their dream, they tested their cooking skills on their eager (and hungry) coworkers during work potlucks.

And apparently, their coworkers LOVED the food.

Check out White Rabbit Cafe for yourself.