Great spots to grab coffee in the Tri-State

Caffeine lovers rejoice! The Tri-State is filled with great coffee shops.

Here's a list of favorite Tri-State coffee places from River City Weekend and 14News staff:

Tri-State Coffee
Source: Honey Moon Coffee Co.

Honey Moon Coffee Co.

Their coffee is top notch!

Derick Brattain, 14News Editor

I am not in the UE neighborhood all that often, but when I am, I like to stop by Honey Moon Coffee if there’s open parking. Not only is the coffee delicious (I usually pick a latte or a macchiato), but I like the whole vibe of the place.  You can get a little breakfast there too. Even my kids dig it.

-Jackie Monroe, 14News Anchor

I love the atmosphere. Super adorable inside. They have really cool looking waffles- they look like bubbles! And really good siracha aioli sauce. 

– Melissa Ethridge, 14News Sales Coordinator

The waffles!

-Nichole Tsimekles, 14News Senior Digital Sales Specialist

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Tri-State Coffee
Source: River City Coffee

River City Coffee + Goods

The atmosphere is very trendy and they have really cute and unique gifts.

-Ashlyn Rush, 14News Success Manager

Includes a gift shop with local vendors, very unique, great staff and good coffee!

-Brook Arnold, 14News General Sales Manager

River City Coffee is bright and ambitious. They carry/support an abundance of local products in their shop. 
-Nick Iaccarino, 14News Media Sales Consultant

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Tri-State Coffee
Source: Penny Lane

Penny Lane Coffeehouse

I like that they don’t charge extra for almond milk and that after tax, it is exactly $2. 
– Kate O’Rouke, 14News Reporter
I like the atmosphere.
– Paige Hagan, 14News Reporter
The Tiny Dancer iced coffee is my absolute favorite. Their breakfast sandwiches are amazing as well.
– Melissa Ethridge, 14News Sales Coordinator

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Tri-State Coffee
Source: Lucid Coffee

Lucid Coffee

The scotch bread cookie things are amazing. I would eat one every day. 

-Christi Reynard, 14News Assistant News Director

Great tasting coffee at reasonable prices!

-Renae Mullins,  14News Administrative Assistant

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Source: Donut Bank

Donut Bank

Every morning before work, I enjoy a cinnamon roll and coffee for roughly 30-45 minutes of relax time.

-Tom Gore, 14News Engineer

I like Donut Bank because they have all kinds of seasonal flavors!

-Erin Holajter-Baxter, 14News Media Planner


  • 2128 N. First Ave, Evansville
  • 5 N. Green River Rd, Evansville
  • 210 N. St. Joseph Ave, Evansville
  • 1950 Washington Ave, Evansville
  • 1200 Lincoln Ave, Evansville
  • 1031 E. Diamond Ave, Evansville
  • 3988 SR 261, Newburgh, IN
  • 1209 W. Broadway, Princeton, IN
  • 2630 A Highway 41, Henderson, KY

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Tri-State Coffee

White Swan Coffee Lab

I recently discovered White Swan Coffee Lab. The lavender vanilla latte is really good and they have eco-friendly straws. Seems to be a good place to bring a laptop and work!

-Ally Tsimekles, River City Weekend Producer 

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Tri-State Coffee
Source: The Creme Coffee House

The Creme Coffee House

The Crème is definitely an Owensboro favorite. They have live music and an awesome location in downtown Owensboro, KY. 

-Michael Philp, 14News Marketing Producer

The Crème in downtown Owensboro is my favorite!

-Shaelie Clark, 14News Anchor

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I’m not being sarcastic, Thortons has good coffee. Just sayin’. And if you buy 9, your 10th is free!

– Riley Fugate, 14News Marketing Producer


  • 2401 E Morgan Ave, Evansville
  • 701 S Green River Rd, Evansville
  • 813 N St. Joseph Ave, Evansville
  • 6300 Morgan Ave, Evansville
  • 114 Rosenberger Ave, Evansville
  • 2855 US-41, Henderson, KY
  • 2000 US-41, Henderson, KY
  • 1000 N Green St, Henderson KY

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