Fort Branch Brewing: R’z Cafe teams up with Myriad Brewing Co. to craft new beer

Fort Branch Brewing
Source: R’z Cafe

R’z Cafe in Fort Branch, IN has teamed up Myriad Brewing Co.! Candy Yancey, owner of R’z Cafe, said it has always been a dream of hers to start a brewery called Fort Branch Brewing. And this collaboration is just one step in that direction.

The two Tri-State businesses have teamed up to brew a new beer, Higher Wire. It will be a pale ale that finishes with hoppy notes that you’d find in an IPA. Yancey describes it to be an ‘easy drinking’ beer that everyone 21 and over will be able to enjoy.

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Its currently brewing by Myriad Brewing Co. in Downtown Evansville, but it will be labeled as a beer by Fort Branch Brewing and it will only be available at R’z Cafe.

The collaboration is simple. R’z Cafe described a beer they wanted and Myriad is brewing. And there may be more collaboration beers in the future. Yancey said there could more to come from the teams of R’z Cafe and Myriad Brewing Co, but for now, you can enjoy Higher Wire.

Although it only has one beer in the works, Fort Branch Brewing is alive, well, and resides at R’z Cafe.

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Posted by R'z Cafe and Catering Company on Friday, October 11, 2019


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