First-ever Evansville Stromboli Week set for this March

The first-ever Evansville Stromboli Week is set for March 7-13. The week dedicated to the humble Stromboli will highlight local restaurants and their spin on classic recipes, as well as off-menu specialties created just for this week only.

Source: Evansville Events

The week will also feature great deals and specials the entire week.

The week-long event is hosted by Evansville Events. The same group also hosts many other food weeks throughout the year including weeks dedicated to wings, pizza, burgers, and more.

We’re so excited for this one, too! Evansville loves a good Stromboli. That is clear as you can find the sandwich on the menus of many local eateries.

Pizza King Evansville’s traditional Stromboli

Posted by Evansville Stromboli Week on Thursday, February 11, 2021

We even have our own spin on the sandwich. If you google a recipe to make a Stromboli at home, you’ll find that it calls for you to roll the ingredients in pizza dough. Around here though, a Stromboli on a bun is king, especially at Pizza King (no pun intended).

To learn how to get yours, follow the Evansville Stromboli Week Facebook page.

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