EXTRA SLICE: Try This Slice tries Pizza King’s Grippo Mac N’ Cheese pizza

Try This Extra Slice!

Grippo Mac N’ Cheese pizza? We never thought should a thing would come into existence.

Then, Pizza King Evansville shared the following post to Facebook.

AVAILABLE NOW! Sink your teeth into our thin crust pizza smothered with mac n' cheese, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and…

Posted by Pizza King Evansville on Monday, September 30, 2019

And we had to try this Grippo Mac N’ Cheese Pizza.

We’re taking a step into the world of specialty pizzas. Why? Because we had to try this crazy food combination on top of this specialty pizza.

It is one of the most Evansville things to be created. Add a Ski on the side to wash it down and you’ve just created the perfect westside meal.

Considering this is not a cheese pizza and that we have already rated Pizza King, we changed how we would rate this pizza. Instead of a number rating, this pizza received either a thumbs up or thumbs down. Simple rating for a not so simple pizza.

Here are our takeaways on this Grippo Mac N’ Cheese…

  1. The cheese sauce on the mac and cheese was creamy and amazing. We liked that.
  2. More Grippo’s, please! That’s the real star of this pizza and there was only a small dusting of them on top.
  3. Overall, we suggest ordering this pizza as a side pizza for the whole table to share.