Expert tips to becoming a master morel mushroom hunter

3 expert tips to finding and enjoying these edible delicacies.

morel mushroomSpring is sprouting. That means morel mushroom hunting season is here!

It’s the perfect excuse to get outside and find these coveted edible delicacies.

Heartland Weekend caught up with AJ Hendershott, a naturalist at the Missouri Department of Conservation, to find out how to become an expert mushroom hunter.

Of course, the next step is actually finding them.

Good news: we have the answer!


Don’t confuse true morels (Morchella spp.) with false morels (Gyromitra spp.), which can kill you. Don’t eat any wild mushroom unless you’ve identified it as a safe edible and have cooked it thoroughly.

The only way to tell if a mushroom is edible is by positive identification. CLICK HERE for a comprehensive field guide to what you can and can’t eat.

Our in-house morel expert at WFIE has listed some of his favorite places to hunt for morels:

Happy hunting!

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