Downtown Evansville: Santa’s Mailbox and the Holiday Open House Shopping Weekend

Santa's mail box is in Downtown Evansville!

Santa has placed a very special mailbox on Downtown Evansville’s Main St. Walkway!

Every letter placed in Santa’s Mailbox between November 7 and  December 16 will receive a reply from Santa himself. The mailbox is located at 3rd & Main St in Downtown Evansville.

Write your letter at home or at the mailbox with the provided stationery. Don’t forget to include your return address on the letter!

Every letter will be taken to the Santa Claus Museum and Village where Santa’s Elves are busy answering thousands of letters from kids around the world. The Santa Clause Museum and Village is home to the Original Santa Claus post office.

Most letters addressed to ‘Santa’ and only Santa find their way to this post office! Click here to learn more about Santa’s Elves and the Santa Claus post office.

Santa’s Mailbox is part of the festivities put on by the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District (EID).

Holiday Open House Shopping Weekend

After you make your plea to Santa, get a head start on your holiday shopping! Saturday, November 7 is the Holiday Open House Shopping Weekend.

Downtown Evansville will be decked out in holiday decor as well as your favorite downtown shops.

While you’re in Downtown Evansville, take advantage of the giant Nutcracker decorations at the River City archway for a great Instagram.

Be sure to check the hours at each location. Wear a mask and wash your hands!

Santa Claus answers every letter sent to this address