cMoe’s 5th St. Boardwalk is back until September

Sand castles, picnics, and more!

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a huge sandbox in front of cMoe! That’s 5th St. Boardwalk.

This outdoor exhibit first opened during the pandemic for families to do something fun at cMoe. This year the exhibit is back with more fun.

During the hours the museum is open, there will be toys and hidden items in the sand. There are also picnic tables for picnics.

Soon, the children’s museum will release kids’ programs throughout the summer.

There is no cost to visit the outdoor exhibit, but visitors will need to pay admission if they want to go inside cMoe. Unless you are a member, of course!

You can also visit after hours, too, but there won’t be toys to play with.

The exhibit will be open through September.

Click here to learn more about cMoe.

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