Azzip Pizza unveils new ‘Square Zip’ pan pizza at Evansville North location

Azzip fans can look forward to some great news and probably pizza in their near future. Azzip will be unveiling its new Square Zip pizza full time on the menu today at their Northside location on First Avenue.

Square Zip is a brand new menu item. It Azzip’s first-ever pan pizza. It’s baked in 7” x 7” steel pans to create crispy bottoms and cheesy edges. You can get the Azzip Pizza of the Month or customize your own pizza creation.

Brad Nemier, Founder and Part-owner, said that Azzip is a pizza company, not a thin crust pizza company when talking about the new menu addition.

“It’s delicious.”

The Square Zip (aka Thicc Zip) has arrived at Evansville First Avenue in North Park and is available on the full-time…

Posted by Azzip Pizza onĀ Tuesday, April 6, 2021


This month Azzip is offering ‘Mama’s Lil Goat’ as their April pizza of the month. You can have it on your choice of their crusts and it has creamy garlic sauce, roasted chicken, spinach, sweet goat horn peppers, goat cheese, and balsamic glaze.

Right now, it’s only available at Azzip North.

Learn more at their website.

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