A special commemoration at the Handy Blues Festival

The annual Handy Blues Festival is underway in Henderson this weekend. Every summer, the festival draws crowds from all over the area.

But on Saturday, something very special happened.

There were all kinds of food, and of course, good music to honor the legendary W.C. Handy.

Along with all of that, locals took it one step further to immortalize the Father of the Blues’ legacy.

The history walk in Henderson was missing just one thing.

With his only surviving grandson there, the Henderson Community unveiled a sign commemorating the Handy Blues Festival and its staple in the town’s history.

And while the festival caters to so many visitors every year, having a relative of the blues legend there made it that much more special.

(Source: WFIE)

“It is so special to our community.  Definitely a distinguished guest. And just seeing that legacy live on; seeing how important everything that we’re doing every year to celebrate Handy’s legacy is to him,” said Executive Director of Tourist Commission Abby Dixon. “It makes all of the blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile.”

The festival is a staple and a point of community pride, but Carlos doesn’t want people to forget what it’s all about: the music.

“That is what it’s all about, you know? Recognizing homegrown talent, giving the opportunity to flourish and you know a stage to perform,” W.C. Handy’s grandson Carlos Handy said. “They can take their luck in terms of their fame and popularity.”

This is actually the 28th Handy Festival that’s been held right on Water Street. So it’s easy to see how much this annual event means to the people of Henderson.

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