Friday After 5 kicks off in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Friday After 5 kicked off in Owensboro on Friday with a new location.

The stage at the Riverpark Center went up behind the Holiday Inn, while street fair vendors also moved down Veterans toward Locust.

The Friday After 5 Director told us earlier in the week what to look forward to this year:

The Chair for the event also gave us a preview on Sunrise.

Friday After 5 board member Kirk Kirkpatrick has been helping run the event since it first began.

He told 14 News that seeing its evolution in that time has been surprising.

“It’s exploded into something a lot different,” he said. “I think what I’m most happy about having seen all of it, it’s what downtown Owensboro has done.”

The event also touched some people internationally.

All week, representatives from Owensboro’s sister city in the Czech Republic were in town and were invited to participate.

Mayor Tom Watson presented them with around $20,000 dollars, which was raised to help the city’s ongoing support of Ukrainian refugees.

Check out our full interview with Kirkpatrick below:

Check out our full interview with Mayor Watson below:

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Brady Williams

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