Brooks & Dunn returning to Ford Center for first time in over decade

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The country music duo Brooks & Dunn is kicking off their 2022 Reboot Tour at the Ford Center on Thursday, May 5.

14 News talked with the pair Thursday morning about what they are planning for their first big show in a long time.

This is the first time Brooks & Dunn will be back in the Tri-State in more than a decade.

The duo told 14 News they have had some good parties in the area and they are excited to come back.

Kix Brooks says without giving away too many details, people can expect a big show.

In 2010, Brooks and Dunn said farewell to touring, but last year they came back with the 2021 Reboot Tour.

Turns out, the duo says they missed performing so much that they rebooted the tour again this year.

“We put a toe back in the water last September, and we played 18 days just to see how it felt,” said Ronnie Dunn. “Places were packed, shows were great, and the crowds were terrific. We didn’t want to quit at the end of 18, which is not like us at all. So, we’re really pretty stoked for this one, to say the least.”

Both say they are working on bringing fans a party.

“It’s a lot of fun and actually, we’ve been in rehearsal a couple weeks pulling out some songs we really haven’t done in 20-something years so it’s just kind of fun and refreshing,” said Kix Brooks.

They also say they’ll be incorporating some new things.

The duo say their recently released Reboot album, which features some of today’s top country stars, has allowed them to “catch a new wave” and resurface some of their number one hits that stretch back to 1991.

“I think Ronnie and I are feeling that right now because we’ve seen a lot of fans that have been with us since day one and it’s a lot of faces we kind of recognize after all these years,” said Kix Brooks. “Then, a lot of new faces and that puts some wind in your sails. That kind of makes you perk up and go, alright, they’ve never heard this stuff live, let’s put it on them.”

Both say they’re excited to perform on an Evansville stage again.

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Jamee French

Jamee French

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