You can only find drift trike riding in one place in the U.S.

You can only find drift trike riding in one place in the entire country. Luckily enough, it’s here in the Tri-State.

Diamond Lake Resort is now the only place in the country to offer drift trike rides. On Wednesday, they revealed the trikes and let the crowd join in on the fun.

People were out enjoying themselves smiling and laughing. They got the chance to try out the first set of commercial drift trikes on Wednesday.

“What makes this attraction so unusual is it’s the only place you can do this in the entire country,”¬† Owner Brian Smith said.

Smith says he got the idea two years ago. They were hosting a drift trike tournament, and he says everyone was impressed.

“Everyone was asking me, ‘Where can I ride one of these? Where can I ride one?’ and the answer was nowhere,” Smith said. “So, we decided to create an environment where we could do this.”


Smith teamed up with a company in Colorado and created three different prototypes before coming to the final product.

That final product led to this: a go-cart type car with rubber-clad back wheels.



“The closest thing that I can compare it to is: it’s like driving on ice without the terror,” Smith said.

Smith says the drift trikes are completely safe and anyone with a drivers license can ride one for $8 for a 5-minute ride.

Check out the Diamond Lake Resort website for more information.