Try This Slice: Dave’s Pizza

Dave's Pizza

A little bird tells you should watch this review and then try Dave’s Pizza in Henderson, KY for yourself.

Here are our takeaways…

  1. Oh, sweet baby bagged pizza. We’ll never approve of your mission to be a suitable method of housing pizza until it lives in our bellies.
  2. This thin-crust pizza was truly thin. It was almost so thin, that we couldn’t get a good read on the flavor. We dub this crust merely a vehicle to get to our mouths.
  3. It is no surprise the best part of this pizza was the cheese. Greasy and delicious.
  4. Just as other thin crust pizza that came before this review, we’d like more sauce. It was good. More, please.

As always, this is just our opinion. We urge you to take on the Try This Slice quest and try this pizza for yourself!

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