Things That Only Marching Band People Know

The Marching arts have grown in popularity over the years, but there are people that still don't know what Marching Band is all about.

Castle Marching Knights

Half Time Is Not The Big Show

While half time is where the marching show got its roots, for performers today, it’s all about Saturday. Marching band today is about competition and those competitions happen on Saturdays. Half time for most is that thing that they have to do. There is hope that the audience is paying attention but there is an understanding that the audience is there for football. On Saturday’s however the stands are filled with parents, relatives, and alumni that the marching members want loud thunderous applause from. They are judged on several elements of their show that include general effect, music performance, and technicality. In addition of the complete bands rankings, they also provide awards for best percussion, best guard, and best drum major.

North High School Green Brigade

Band Parents Are The Best

I get that sometimes there is that one parent that takes their job way too seriously, but honestly, that’s why they’re the best. Band parents help build props, they fit the kids for their uniforms, they bring a snickers bar and a gatorade when you pass out while waiting to go on to perform. If it wasn’t for them, the show wouldn’t happen.

Jasper High School

Marching Band Is A Sport

This is a conversation that still comes up, Marching band is a sport! It has evolved so much in the past 30 or 40 years and one thing is for sure, it’s way more physically demanding than it used to be. Also, going back to item#1, this is a competition. Just like a gymnast is judged for the Olympics, judges are on the field and looking for people who are out of step, snare lines that aren’t exactly in sync with each other, and guard members who toss a rifle in the air and don’t catch it in time with everyone else. Maching Band is exhausting, still need proof?

It's Now Year Round

That evolution that I spoke of earlier also constitutes when the sport is taking place. Even past the last football game or last local competition, these performers keep marching on. Some schools participate in Bands of America that takes them out of the local spotlight and takes their school band across the country to regional competitions, there is the winter marching scene that involves all sections of a band individually competing on basketball courts, some schools participate in summer band, and then there is drum and bugle corps that is like the major league for the best of these performers and isn’t school affiliated at all. These kids are busy, they’re dedicated, and more many they grow up to well prepared for what the world has to throw at them.