Santa Claus answers every letter sent to this address

To: Santa

Santa is really busy this time of year, but that doesn’t stop him from answering every letter he receives at the Santa Claus Museum & Village.

That’s right. The big man sends a letter back to each child!

The original Santa Claus Post Office in Santa Claus, IN has been responding to the letters sent to their address since 1914.

Fun Fact: Santa Claus, IN has the only post office with Santa’s name!

Posted by Santa Claus Museum & Village on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kids used to be able to write their letters at the Santa Claus Museum & Village, but they are closed for the months of October and November. You can of course write them from the comfort of your own home. Tell the big man what you want for Christmas or plead your case and tell him why you should be on the ‘nice’ list.

Santa’s helpers at the Santa Claus Museum & Village make sure each and every letter gets a personalized reply.

Just be sure to send your letter early enough for the jolly old man’s helpers to get a letter in the mail. Every letter received by December 20, 2020, will receive a reply from the jolly old man. And don’t forget to include a legible return address. Santa’s elves hate to read a great letter and not be able to reply.

It’s free, too!  Just pay for postage.

Last year Santa received and replied to thousands of letters from all over the world. Santa’s helpers have sent letters back to Russia, Taiwan, Germany, and more all over the world!

Most letters addressed ‘To Santa’ or ‘To: Kris Kringle’ make it to the swift hands of the elves in Santa Claus, IN.  Although ‘To: Santa’ will work most times, its best to address your letter to the original Santa Claus post office at the address below:

To: Santa

P.O. Box 1 

Santa Claus, IN 47579