Paul’s Pharmacy: The ultimate chic-pharmacy shopping experience you never knew you needed

The pharmacy you never knew you needed

Paul’s Pharmacy is not what we think of when we think of a ‘pharmacy’ and that is exactly what local owner Jacob Mayer wanted to do. His dream was a create a pharmacy sans the ‘industrial hospital’ feel.

“The industrial feel, it just, it feels like your still in a hospital and that you’re still sick. And we wanted to start that homey feel where you’re at home and you’re young. That way you can start that journey, you can get rest, and you can start feeling better,” said Mayer.

His new location sits in front of Washington Square Mall on Evansville’s southeast side rather than in the mall. If you’re not sure about where it is, just look for the large murals painted all around his building.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll see the farmhouse decor, warm lighting, and friendly smiles waiting to help you. Just check out the video above to get a peek inside.

Not only does this pharmacy beat most of its competitors in an overall positive vibe, but it has the most up to date technology working to safeguard and organize prescriptions. You’ll see this system behind the counter at Paul’s Pharmacy in the computerized shelving. Why is this so cool? The system learns what the pharmacy and its clients need and therefore keeps prescriptions on the shelves in stock and up to date.

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Another thing you’ll see: a whole slew of holistic health and wellness goods.

You can go there to get vitamins to help you focus, relieve stress, and more. You’ll also find an extensive men’s grooming section, many skincare lines, and even a section for your fur-family. They even have a specialed mineral makeup line and trained experts to help you find the right product for you. All these products along the shelves at Paul’s Pharmacy were picked for their natural ingredient lists and specific health concerns they treat.

The idea to combine prescription pharmaceuticals with holistic health goods was Jacob’s end goal to be able to start his clients and shoppers on a health and wellness journey to get them feeling better as a whole.

And if you think it stops there, it doesn’t. This new-age pharmacy could also moonlight as gift shop. You’ll find unique gifts and goods that are perfect for even the hardest people to shop for.

We suggest you check this one of a kind pharmacy out yourself.

Where: 1150 S. Green River Rd. Evansville, IN

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