Mesker Park Zoo has a new addition: Her name is Clementine!

Mesker Park Zoo has a new addition. Her name is Clementine!

Clementine. (Mesker Park Zoo)

Clementine is a 10-month-old giraffe from Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri.

Clementine’s mother is a Rothschild’s giraffe and her father is a Reticulated giraffe. Around six feet at birth, she currently stands tall at around ten feet.


Clementine is currently off exhibit completing the standard quarantine for all new animals. Once her quarantine and acclimation period is complete, she will join the zoo’s two giraffes, Kiah and Kizzie and zebras in the giraffe yard.

Zoo officials say Clementine’s move to Mesker is part of a managed population strategy and coordinated effort with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums to enhance conservation of this species in the wild.

Clementine wasn’t the only giraffe in the news this week. Remember April? Well, she could be pregnant again.