Joey Chestnut to defend mutton sandwich world record title at International Bar-B-Q Festival

The champion will return

Last year, Champion Eater Joey Chestnut set the world record for eating the most mutton sandwiches in 10 minutes at the 2018 International Bar-B-Q Festival’s Mutton Glutton eating contest.

Chestnut ate a grand total of 81 mutton sandwiches. (EIGHTY-ONE!)

And he’s coming back for more at the 3rd Annual World Mutton Sandwich Eating Competition presented by Kentucky Legend.

The competition will happen during the International Bar-B-Q Festival in downtown Owensboro, KY.

“Kentucky Legend is thrilled to sponsor the outstanding International Bar-B-Q Festival here in Owensboro, Kentucky! Supporting the city is a priority to us, and this is a partnership made in heaven! We are so excited to see Joey Chestnut take a bite out of his competition and we hope to witness another world record in 2019! His energy brings great entertainment to festival attendees and national exposure to our wonderful city,” says Brooklyn Maple, Brand Director for Kentucky Legend.

Chestnut is a master-eater and currently holds almost 40 other competitive eating world records including hot dogs, apple pies, chicken wings, glazed donuts, funnel cakes, and more!

The World Mutton Eating Competition is Saturday, May 11 at McConnell Plaza in Downtown Owensboro during the 2019 International Bar-B-Q Festival. The public is invited to watch Chestnut and his fellow competitors at the event!