Jasper Reptile Center: Turtles, snakes and lizards, oh my!

The Jasper Reptile Center is bringing live reptiles including snakes, lizards and turtles to the Dubois County Museum on Sunday, December 16 at 1:30 p.m.

Visitors will learn about the handling and care of these cold-blooded animals!

Jasper Reptile Center is a not for profit reptile rescue center that gives a home to unwanted reptile pets and wild reptiles from people’s homes. The center was started by Bake Buechlein in 2001.

Buechlein said he will bring one tortoise that was rescued after the owners realized the animal would be too large to care for in their home. The family got the tortoise when it was a baby and didn’t realize it could grow to be 300 lbs.!

Jasper Reptile Center
Source: Jasper Reptile Center

Admission to the Dubois County Museum is $5 for adults, $3 for high school students, $2 for elementary school students and children 4 years old and under are free.