Hotels gear up for OMGcon over the weekend

Thousands of visitors are coming to Owensboro this weekend. Some may be decked out in their favorite video game character cosplay.

OMGcon is coming to Owensboro this weekend, but what does that mean for hotels? The general manager at the Holiday Inn tells us they’re almost entirely booked.

As the convention center gears up for the big weekend, so are the local hotels. Both hotels along the riverfront say they’re booked up for the weekend, filled with the nearly 4,000 people expected for OMGcon.

Lauren Worthington is the general manager at the Riverfront Holiday Inn. She’s not only excited the hotel is booked up but for the city as well.

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“We want them to come into Owensboro; we want them to spend their money in all of Owensboro,” Worthington said.

She says conventions like OMGcon keeps Owensboro strong and brings back more events like it.

“The more revenue that we bring into the city, then we’re just reinvesting,” Worthington continued. “We’re going in and building the awesome parks that we have her in the downtown area.”

OMGcon starts Friday morning and goes through the entire weekend.

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