Pork Grenades: This Evansville popular food was created by chance!

You'll want more than one.

If you’re from Evansville, you’ve probably heard of the popular pork grenade from Marx Barbecue. They’re truly an explosion of flavor!

They were created by chance for the Westside Nut Club Fall Festival and now they’re a staple at Marx Barbeque.

Owner, Tony Marx, said they’ve made nearly 50,000 since their creation.

We’re not sure why they’re so good, but we do love every bit of love and ingredients added in!

Prok Grenades are made with…

  • Ground Pork Shoulder
  • Ground Smoked Pork
  • Secret Sausage Spices
  • Marx Barbeque Sweet & Sassy Sauce
  • Bacon
  • And MORE Sweet & Sassy Sauce

Marx Barbecue mixes the ground pork together with their sausage spices. Then, they form the grenades with a handmade tool that forms 20 at a time.

Pork Grenade

Each grenade is hand rolled with bacon, sprinkled with pepper and then popped in the oven.

Finally, they’re topped with more Sweet  & Sassy Sauce.

If you haven’t had a pork grenade, we recommend you make you’re way to the Westside of Evansville!