Create your own gourmet cupcake at this cupcake bar

Custom cupcakes for the win

Have you ever wanted a sweet treat that’s way better than your usual boring suspects?

Evansville, look no further. Two words: Cupcake Bar.

GaylaCake located at 320 North Main St has opened a cupcake bar that lets you build your own gourmet cupcake!

Choose from ten cupcake flavors, six fillings, four icings, and ten toppings. The possibilities aren’t endless, but they are YUMMY.

We recommend these two combinations:

  1. Lemon cupcake + raspberry filling + cream cheese + raspberry filling
  2. Chocolate cupcake + fudge filling + vanilla + M&M’s + fudge

Yes, we ate these two. And yes, they were amazing.

Make your own gourmet cupcake at GaylaCake during their normal hours of operation!