Ale Mary! This brewery is on the grounds of a women’s monastery

Ale Mary!

St. Benedict’s Brew Works is believed to be the only U.S. craft brewery on the grounds of a women’s religious community!

Although they specialize in the Belgian Ales, they offer a wide range of craft beer that you can almost exclusively find at their bar. They have a core group of about 30 (thirty!) beers they rotate through.

Not only can you enjoy a great brew, but you’ll learn a lot about the women’s religious community that the brewery calls home. The owners can tell you a lot about the history of beer brewing on the grounds of religious communities and the beers can, too! Many of the beers are real ‘punny’. Just take a look at their list of beers on tap and you’ll find the ‘Sister Betty Blonde’ (a lighter ale), ‘Good Habit’ (a reference to the traditional hood for monks and veil for nuns) or the ‘Sanctimonious Stout’.

And you know what you might also find at their bar? The Sisters of St. Benedict. They often bring friends and visitors to the brewery, but no they don’t do any of the brewing.

The beautiful monastery dates back to 1867 and is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visit St. Benedict’s Brew Works for a great craft beer, beautiful views of the architecture and a history lesson.