5 hangover remedies that are worth a try

Drinking. It's always fun the night before, but the consequences don't usually show up until the next day.

A terrible hangover might include a headache, dehydration, achy body, dizziness, fatigue, lightheadedness, loss of appetite or even vertigo (the 'spinning' feeling when you're laying still).

Here are some hangover remedies that we swear by.

1. Sleep it off

If you have the luxury (and the ability) to sleep off a hangover – DO IT!  It’s not uncommon to find your bed in the wee hours of the morning after a night of drinking and that completely disrupts your sleep cycle and your body’s ability to rest!


2. Exercise

Can’t hurt to sweat out all the toxins that were just poured down your throat.

Exercise is great because it releases the happy hormone in your brain – endorphins. But, its extra important to drink more water if you exercise after a night out because your body is already dehydrated!

3. Hydrate

Your body is mostly water. It might be a good idea to load the fridge with some Gatorade, Pedialyte or event pickle juice (what?) before you go out to be sure you’re covered the next day.

Yes, pickle juice has electrolytes just like other sports or hydration drinks that work to help fight dehydration.

It’s just… pickle flavored.


4. Eat right

Usually, the first thing we run to after a night out is a big greasy meal. However, eating ‘right’ is the way to go.

Complex carbs, veggies or soup are great options. Complex carbs are things like rice, sweet potato and black beans. They all have minerals and nutrients that make our tummies happy.

A hot bowl of chicken noodle soup has sodium to help your body retain fluids for hydrating!

Bananas are great, too! They have potassium, one of those electrolytes we keep mentioning.


5. Hair of the dog that bit you

This one is more of an old myth. Although, some people swear by it! Maybe crack another one open the morning after (if your stomach can handle the smell).