5 closed restaurants that we miss

Growing up in the Tri-State, many of us have seen restaurants come and go over the years. No one likes it when their favorite spots close and some of these still sting a little. So we explore 5 restaurants we wish were still open in the River City.


We still dream about the amazing fried green tomatoes from Firefly. This little restaurant on the east side sat right in front of Lowes off of Morgan Ave. When you walked in, it was like traveling down south to a restaurant on the beach. It was only open for a couple of years but it left a lasting impression. Crawfish etoufee, jambalaya, chicken pot pie, it was comfort food to the max. It’s one of the best New York strips we’ve ever had and that’s not even what people thought of when they went there.

The Jungle

The Jungle was a beautiful place. You’ll be hard pressed to find an interior with more character that what this location provides and you can still see it today as Arazu on Main. I have a lot of  fun little memories of this little hang out on the Main St. walkway. Over the years it had a few different owners and tried to cater to different clientele. For us and our friends it was a hot spot in the mid to late 90’s to get hot chocolate and red velvet cake. It was one of the few cool places that wasn’t a bar so us teenagers had some place to go. One amazing thing about the place was a bar that had something like 1000 different flavors of italian soda.


We’re lucky to have some great Mexican restaurants here but one place we still miss is Abuelos. The food was great and just like some of the others on this list, you have to wonder why the business just didn’t work out. Spanish cuisine with some of the best guacamole you could get. And one thing that really stood out was the recessed ceiling with a beautiful fresco of the sky.


Darryl’s was a restaurant on the corner of Green River Rd. and Virginia at what is now Acropolis. This popular  two story restaurant was always packed. With tchotchkes all over the walls and a basket with big saltine crackers waiting for you at the table, it was a truly unique experience. The food was typical American cuisine but we remember it being very good.


As Michael Scott from The Office would say, “I’m going to get me a New York slice”. Sbarro is far from the best example of New York style pizza HOWEVER, it was one of the only places in the Tri-State you could get something that even resembled the East Coast staple. Like many other cities across the country, Sbarro was housed in the food court in Eastland Mall. We really questioned whether Sbarro should make the list but if you had to get food at the mall, you could always count on good old Sbarro for a taste of the Big Apple.

These examples are certainly not the only places we miss but they are ones that we think of often.